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Key Management

Pic of Jan Verleur
Jan Verleur
CEO, and Co-Founder
Pic of Dan Recio
Dan Recio
President, and Co-Founder
Pic of Guru Mallur
Guru Mallur
Executive Vice President, CTO
Pic of Wilfredo Rodriguez
Wilfredo Rodriguez
Executive Vice President, CFO
Pic of Karl Riedel
Karl Riedel
Executive Vice President, Marketing
Pic of Seth Coblentz
Seth Coblentz
Vice President, General Counsel
Pic of Matthew Peon
Matthew Peon
Vice President, Operations
Pic of Zack Liu
Zack Liu
Vice President, Research and Development USA
Pic of Daniela Benesova
Daniela Benesova
Vice President, Managing Director VMR Czech
Pic of Kevin Zhai
Kevin Zhai
Vice President, Managing Director VMR China
Pic of Pedro Dominguez
Pedro Dominguez
Director, Network Operations and Infrastructure
Pic of Mary Laura Melgar
Mary Laura Melgar
Director, Human Resources
Pic of Mihaela Stancu
Mihaela Stancu
Director, CEO Office
Pic of Kaewin Chen
Kaewin Chen
Director, Quality Control
Pic of Andi Vance
Andi Vance
Director, Art Department
Pic of Natalie Montoya
Natalie Montoya
Director, Merchandising
Pic of Jack Cao
Jack Cao
Director, OEM Sales
Pic of Cristhesli Lopez
Cristhesli Lopez
Director, Key Accounts
Pic of Sean Barker
Sean Barker
Director, Key Accounts