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VMR Launches site for National Tobacco Company

MIAMI, Fla., July 22, 2013 – VMR Products, the world’s highest-volume online retailer of electronic cigarettes, has announced that it is launching, the official website for Zig-Zag branded electronic cigarettes. Zig-Zag, the world-renowned brand of premium cigarette papers for over 100 years, will partner with VMR as they join the electronic cigarette revolution. VMR, as part of an OEM arrangement, will be handling website development, marketing, online sales, fulfillment and customer service functions for Zig-Zag—whose parent corporation is the National Tobacco Company (NTC).

“It’s the best of both worlds,” said VMR Co-Founder and CEO J. Andries Verleur. “This OEM arrangement gives VMR an opportunity to bring more quality products to the market. With our vertically integrated manufacturing and Zig-Zag’s history of excellence, this is a win-win.”

At launch, the site will feature three product categories—disposables, express kits and flavor cartridges. Zig-Zag Disposables are ready for use right out of the box without any assembly or charging required. Customers can order disposables in 5- or 10-pack quantities and either 200 puff (equal to one pack of tobacco cigarettes) or 400 puff varieties. Customers can further customize their disposables by choosing from two flavors, Traditional (tobacco) and Menthol, and two strengths, 1.8% and 2.4% nicotine.

Zig-Zag Express Kits are the perfect start for someone ready to make the switch to Zig-Zag e-cigs. Each kit includes a rechargeable Zig-Zag branded battery, a Zig-Zag Flavor cartridge available in either Traditional or Menthol flavors, and a USB smart charger.

Customers can order additional Zig-Zag Flavor Cartridges by selecting from 5-, 20- and 40-pack quantities in either 1.8% or 2.4% strengths. Currently available flavors are Traditional, Menthol and a Variety pack that features Columbian, Caribbean, Mango, Clove and Vanilla flavor cartridges.

In addition to its OEM relationship, VMR has also partnered with NTC for widespread national retail distribution of VMR’s flagship e-cig brand, V2 Cigs.

“NTC has their products in over 150,000 stores nationwide, so [the partnership] really allows us to make a very competitive move into traditional retail in the U.S. market,” said VMR Co-Founder and CEO J. Andries Verleur. “With this partnership, NTC gets to focus on what they do best, which will help move our 1 million+ online customers into retail, and we get to focus on our core strengths—innovating, building great products and developing successful online brands.”


Founded in 2009, VMR Products has quickly become a global force in the electronic cigarette industry with its V2 Cigs and Vapor Couture brands. VMR designs, produces, distributes and supports an expanding catalog of quality products, as well as a growing list of private-label marketers in more than 25 countries. VMR is the only electronic cigarette company to employ a vertically integrated business model, managing its entire product life cycle to ensure the highest commitment to quality control and customer service.

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