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SURVEY: Two-Thirds of Vapers Are Using Electronic Cigarettes to Quit Smoking

Overwhelming majority are trying to quit or abstain from combustible cigarettes

Miami, FL (June 27, 2016)V2®, one of the nation’s leading brands of electronic cigarette and vaporizer products, today announced the results of a commissioned study in which 300 U.S. adult e-cigarette users were asked to explain why they “vape.” The respondents were polled online, between May 11-12, 2016.

When asked to identify the reasons they choose to use electronic cigarettes:

  • Two-thirds (62%) said they do so “to quit or abstain from smoking cigarettes”
  • 38% identified as dual users, vaping e-cigarettes “to obtain nicotine when unable to smoke cigarettes”
  • 36% said they “preferred the flavors and taste over traditional tobacco cigarettes”
  • 29% said they did so because e-cigarettes are more “socially acceptable than smoking cigarettes”


“For most adult smokers, vaporizing devices like electronic cigarettes represent a legitimate alternative to combustible cigarettes,” said Adam Kustin, Vice President of Marketing, V2. “Smokers are increasingly shifting away from combustibles in favor of vaping. This is why the recent FDA ruling to regulate e-cigarettes like tobacco products is discouraging. Big Tobacco wants to curb e-cigarette growth and maintain the status quo, especially as vaporizer technology continues to outpace their offerings and transform the category. The FDA’s more onerous limitations on manufacturers indirectly support Big Tobacco’s goals. Stifling innovation and restricting consumer choice will very possibly drive users back to smoking cigarettes.”

In May, the US Food and Drug Administration decided to extend federal regulatory control to e-cigarettes. According to another V2 poll of 300 vapers released on June 7th, among e-cigarette users, three-quarters (74%) believe that electronic cigarettes “should be subject to some sort of regulatory process.”[1] However, in an April survey also conducted by V2 with 600 respondents, 57% said that they were against any federal regulations by the FDA.[2] Of that 57%, 27% said regulations should occur locally (state, municipality, etc.) and 13% said the industry should self-regulate.

The consequences of overregulation could be devastating for e-cigarette users. As part of the FDA’s ruling, government approval of all e-cigarette products and related consumables introduced after 2007, such as e-liquid, is now required. These products must go through a formal approval process to continue to be sold. Reports estimate that submitting an application for a single product approval could cost more than $1 million for the applicant.[3] In a V2 survey released June 7th, vapers were asked how they would respond if onerous regulations drove e-cigarettes off the market. 49% of those surveyed said they would return to smoking combustible cigarettes. Considering how many report vaping as a way to abstain from tobacco in the latest V2 survey, these numbers aren’t surprising.

“When electronic cigarettes came to the U.S. about 2007, I was skeptical,” said Dr. Michael Siegel, a professor at the Boston University School of Public Health, in a 2015 op-ed for The Wall Street Journal. “But as I talked to many e-cigarette users, known as ‘vapers,’ conducted research (Journal of Public Health Policy, 2011) and reviewed a growing body of scientific evidence, I became convinced that e-cigarettes have dramatic potential for reducing disease and death caused by smoking.”

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