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SURVEY: 36% of E-Cig Users Say Donald Trump is Most Pro-Vape Candidate

57% of vapers also believe federal government should not regulate electronic cigarettes

Miami, FL (April 6, 2016) – V2®, one of the nation’s leading brands of electronic cigarette and vaporizer products, today announced the results of a commissioned study examining political affiliations among electronic cigarette users. For the survey, more than 600 adult “vapers” across the U.S. were polled between March 14-25, 2016.

The majority of vapers (38%) are Democrats

When asked their political party affiliation, 38% polled said Democrat, followed by Independent (27%), Republican (24%), Libertarian (6%) and Green (5%).

“Similar to our data, previous research has found that most smokers are Democrats, ” said Adam Kustin, Vice President of Marketing, V2. “Since vapers are former smokers, it only makes sense that the political group most likely to smoke is also the most likely to vape.”

Nearly one third (31%) back Hillary Clinton

31% of all vapers said that they are backing Hillary Clinton this election season. Donald Trump (23%) and Bernie Sanders (22%) came in second and third place, respectively. Among major party candidates, Ted Cruz (6%) and John Kasich (5%) were the least supported by electronic cigarette users.

“8 percentage points separate Clinton and Trump,” said Kustin. “The former Secretary of State has a commanding lead. But the fight for second-place is close, with Trump and Sanders virtually tied.”

14% of vapers also said that they were not backing any of the five remaining Democratic or Republican candidates.

36% say Trump is most pro-vape candidate

When asked which of the five remaining major presidential candidates would be most “supportive” of vaping, 36% picked Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton (28%) was the runner-up, followed by Bernie Sanders (18%), Ted Cruz (12%), and John Kasich (6%).

“Trump is in favor of fewer government regulations in most areas and vapers are worried about e-cigarette regulations,” said Kustin. “This might explain his support. Trump is also backed by California’s Duncan Hunter, known as the ‘vaping congressman,’ which is a key endorsement in the e-cig community.”

Almost 60% think FDA shouldn’t regulate e-cigs

In 2015, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) proposed to federally regulate e-cigarettes, an unpopular idea among vapers surveyed. 57% were against the federal regulations. Of that 57%, 27% said regulations should occur locally (state, municipality, etc.), 17% wanted no regulations, and 13% said the industry should self-regulate.

“Electronic cigarettes are a technology category with a steady drumbeat of product innovation,” said Kustin. “Overregulating it could stifle that and stall new and better products from reaching vapers. This is why the majority are apprehensive and want a more localized or industry-driven approach.”

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