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V2® is America’s No. 1 online brand of electronic cigarettes. The company’s flagship website,, offers an unprecedented selection of electronic cigarettes, pre-filled cartridges, e-liquids and multi-function vaporizers. V2 has distinguished itself as a leader in the industry for powerful vapor production, great taste, a broad range of flavors, and transparent communications around ingredients and quality control. V2 is the #5 most sold brand at retail in the U.S., with a presence in over 25,000 retail outlets.


V2® Pro is VMR’s line of advanced multi-function vapor devices. Each V2 Pro model is equipped with purpose built cartridge options that extend device capability across multiple mediums and vaping styles. V2 Pro devices support different types of e-liquids, loose leaf tobaccos, and other plant concentrates and oils. V2 Pro is the preferred choice for serious vapor enthusiasts who want a wide range of capabilities in their vapor device. V2 Pro devices are disruptive in pricing, capability, and design. The V2 Pro line includes the Series 3, Series 7, Series 3X, and upcoming Series 7X and Series 9 product lines.


With PROHIBITED, VMR brings breakthrough vapor technology to the cannabis market. Evolved from proven technology, PROHIBITED provides consumers with the full range of vaporizing options for dry herb and wax concentrates, including a Dabber cartridge and E-Rig cartridge. PROHIBITED speaks to the rebel cannabis user with a distinctive voice. Its versatility attracts first time buyers. Its unrivaled performance guarantees repeat purchases. PROHIBITED is the most versatile vaporizer brand for cannabis mediums.

Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) Brands

As the industry’s most vertically integrated company, we deliver turnkey OEM solutions that get to market quickly and outperform the competition. VMR has helped more than a dozen brands carve out their own niche in the highly competitive e-cigarette marketplace. Our OEM partners include Zig-Zag, OCB, ECG, Bullsmoke, SPV, and most recently partnered with leading Asian brands Firavo and GR Electronic Cigarette.

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