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    VMR Products enjoy a significant presence in retail locations throughout the Americas and Europe. The company’s brands, including V2 Cigs® and VaporCouture™ are sold in convenience stores and other tobacco retailers in more than 25 countries.

    In the United States, VMR’s flagship brand of electronic cigarette products, V2 Cigs, is carried by most major Distributors. Retailers such as HESS, 7/11, and Pilot Truck Stops are among the rapidly expanding list of national retailers that have experienced substantial success with VMR Product’s Brands.

    In April of 2013, VMR announced a strategic partnership with National Tobacco Company (NTC), distributor of the iconic Zig-Zag® and Beech-Nut® brands. The partnership provides expanded accessibility for the company’s V2 Cigs brand, with new retailers launching daily across the United States. By the close of 2013, it is estimated that VMR products brands will be available in over 50,000 retail locations worldwide.

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    Retail partners and distributors receive unparalleled support from the VMR sales teams, and through our strategic partners across the globe. Our product lines are competitively priced and tailored specifically for the needs of the retail market. Vapor Couture and V2 Cigs products are showcased in a range of multi-product display units, and the company is always expanding its arsenal of eye-catching signage and customized POS materials. Retailers receive extensive sales incentives and training, designed to help maximize in-store sales velocity. VMR Products supports its brands with national and regional advertising campaigns. Most notably, the company has developed a reputation for turning internet consumers into retail destination shoppers. With the world’s largest online customer base for electronic cigarettes, VMR has the unique ability to drive customers directly into retail locations.

    With profit margins that are among the highest in the industry, VMR Products core brands are an asset to any brick and mortar retailer or distributor.

    The benefits of partnering with VMR Products:

    • Worldwide brand recognition means a built-in customer base
    • Nearly 80% of first-time buyers make a repeat purchase
    • Unrivaled brand support from POS materials to Sales Incentives and National Advertising Campaigns.
    • Web-based and mobile store locators provide added online presence.

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  • v2cigs_box-322x320With distribution in more than 25 countries, VMR is a major player in the international electronic cigarette market. We understand logistical and cultural market differences. And we know how to structure successful partnerships across all major platforms: internet, TV/radio/direct response and wholesale/retail.

    VMR expertise sets the tone, and our quality products and services do the rest. VMR-brand electronic cigarettes can be found on every continent except Antarctica. And the same qualities that made VMR brands best sellers in America are now creating a sensation overseas— thick vapor, reliable electronics, the industry’s best quality-control measures and superior flavor.

    Increasingly, smokers around the world are learning that the universal language for excellence in electronic cigarettes is VMR.

    Our brands are recognized internationally, with distributors in over 25 countries worldwide. The following exclusive licensees have established VMR’s brands as leaders in their home countries.

    Country Website Phone Email
    V2 Cigs Ecuador +593 (0) 2 600-6202
    V2 Cigs Czech Republic +420 800-303-404
    V2 Cigs United Kingdom +44 (0) 1733-555-555
    V2 Cigs Malaysia +60 (0) 011-124-5400
    V2 Cigs Sweden +46 (0) 920-40-70-40
    V2 Cigs Bulgaria +359 (0) 87-782-2440

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  • vmr_OEM-276x236VMR Products is a leading Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) with a track record of delivering successful turnkey solutions to electronic cigarette companies of all sizes. We translate concepts into reality in the most expedient way possible while adhering to international product safety and quality guidelines.

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    The electronic cigarette industry is booming. But it’s also highly competitive. As the only completely vertically integrated company, VMR delivers a complete range of services to manage the entire product life cycle, including:

    • Engineering
    • Liquid Lab
    • Rapid Prototype
    • Quality Assurance
    • Logistics
    • Marketing
    • Communications/Social Media
    • E-Commerce Development Team
    • Graphics Team
    • Affiliate Team
    • Legal Department

    oem_tagline-230x117From assessment and design to development and management, our expertise reduces time to market, enhances inventory management, reduces risk and streamlines costs.

    We not only deliver reliable products, we provide superior service and support. As an OEM, our goal is to become a seamless extension of your operations.

    Our experience delivers performance for you, so you can focus your time and energy where it belongs – on your customers.

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  • vmr_kiosk-317x317VMR delivers a unique opportunity to retail vendors in the form of its fully integrated Retail Kiosk Program. VMR’s versatile kiosk solutions set the standard for speed, convenience and control in retail operations. The turnkey program includes a custom kiosk, Point-of-Sale (POS) system and Auto-replenishment system.

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    In addition to custom-building its retail kiosks, VMR provides:

    • Comprehensive training in every aspect of kiosk operations, including VMR products, POS system, kit building and customer support.
    • Dedicated Kiosk Support directly from V2 Cigs, Vapor Couture and other VMR brands.
    • 24-7 Tech Support
    • A perpetual inventory-management system.
    • A continually upgraded POS system.

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