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About VMR


We strive to utilize—and continually improve—technology in an effort to enrich and transform the lives of tobacco consumers worldwide.

Founded in 2009, VMR Products has become a global force in the electronic cigarette marketplace. We design, produce, distribute and support an expanding catalog of quality products, as well as a growing list of private-label marketers in more than 30 countries. VMR is the only electronic cigarette company to employ a vertically integrated business model. We manage our entire product life cycle to ensure the most stringent quality control and best customer service.


“We Are VMR” is more than a slogan. It’s the embodiment of our dedication to providing the tools, the environment and the opportunity for each of our people to reach their full potential.


Everything we do at VMR is guided by our commitment to continued improvement and superior quality. We remain steadfast in our adherence to vertical integration for the express purpose of managing every element involved in the delivery of reliable products and services.


We’re pioneering new brands in a category that did not exist a mere decade ago.

Creativity and innovation are in our DNA. We thrive in an environment of constant change, not just so we can be prepared for the future, but so we can help create it.


The highest standard for transparency is leadership by example. Our engineering practices, batch testing, consumer guarantees and other quality assurances pace the industry. Our systems are built on the working assumption that their implementation will be synonymous with best practices in the emerging e-cig industry.


We view every relationship as a true collaboration. From vendors, affiliates and retailers to customers, employees and investors, we treat each stakeholder as a partner that warrants our full engagement and support. Only by doing everything we can to ensure that our partners meet their goals, can we hope to achieve ours.